ASH GEDEN was completely blown away with this 42 lb 10 oz river carp.

Thames carp angler Ash explained: “I had planned not to fish that night having been flat out on the bank recently and spending weeks tracking them down and I was in need of a break.

“But whilst sitting at home licking my wounds looking at the moon and weather apps, I thought ‘you are mad.’

“I said to myself ‘I’m not giving up’, I jumped in the motor around 10 pm and set off on my mission.

“I had spent a fair few weeks spent tracking them down and only had a couple of smaller mirrors a few weeks back from the spot.

“I was also very unlucky to loose a 3 ft long common at the net last week, plus a hook-pull within seconds of hitting into a heavy fish just recently, so when I landed this beauty at 8 in the morning it was an amazing experience,” he exclaimed.

The giant mirror carp fell to a Dynamite Baits Complex-T Fluro popup presented on a stiff hinge rig.

This was fished over a bed of Frenzied Pulses and Particles, loose Complex-T boilies and matching pellets.

The catch came on the back of a two-month heavy baiting campaign to try and draw and hold notoriously nomadic Thames carp.

How giant Thames carp ranks

How Ash’s awesome carp really ranks amongst Thames catches is debatable.

A 43 lb mirror carp was caught in 2014 from the main river by the Thames specialist known, in Banksy-style, only as Katch Bullet.

Katch Bullet told Angler’s Mail: “I had mine at 43 lb but it’s about 48 or 49 lb in our stretch now, Steve Shenfield has had it.

“But a 56 got caught out of the Thames, but unfortunately you or anyone will not see the pics. I have tried to get to the person to show them (the photos, online) but to no avail.”

FOOTNOTE: Ash has since caught a bigger Thames carp – story HERE.

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