CARP catching machine Terry Hearn has banked his SEVENTH UK 50-pounder in the shape of this 51 lb 4 oz mirror carp.

The hard-won big ‘un fell after Terry had basically caught every other carp in the southern stillwater TWICE during a two-year campaign!

Surrey-based Terry said: ‘I’ve been fishing the lake on and off since spring 2010, and the big mirror came as my 52nd capture. The pit contains less than 30 carp, so obviously I had a few repeat captures, I had to really work at it to catch the one I wanted most!

‘In fact, I’m very familiar with the stock of the lake and the big ‘un was actually the last of the known residents for me to catch – it was certainly a tricky one to fool!

‘I’d been close to it several times over the past 18 months, but one way or another it would always manage to evade capture. Either it would prove to clever for my rigs, or one of its mates would nip in at the last minute and get caught instead. It’s possible that I lost it last April as well, after a line breakage, but that’s a long story.

‘Anyway, in the finish it came on my faithful Hinged Stiff Link, using a size 6 prototype ACE hook, with a home-rolled 15 mm Red Fish cork ball pop-up as the bait.

For the full story, read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.