SCHOOLBOY Ryan Taylor showed legions of adult carp anglers how to do it when he tempted this London record 46 lb 8 oz carp.

The 14-year-old smashed his personal best with the colossal common from the day ticket Walthamstow Reservoir complex in North East London.

Although many huge carp reside immediately in the counties just outside London, this fish is believed to be a London record, beating the Royal 40 mirror which peaked at 46 lb from Richmond Park in the south west of the capital.

Hampstead-based Ryan said: “I did an overnight session on Lower Maynard but wasn’t expecting to catch the big one at anew complex record!”

Relief after great fish with London record

He continued: “I was using an A2 Baits CT white pop-up boilie with 100 freebies around it.

“It gave a great fight and I knew it must be one of the bigger fish in there and it was such a relief to get her in the net,” he added.

Ryan fooled the fish used a stiff hinge rig with Korda 25 lb Mouthtrap with a size 10 Korda Choddy hook.

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