‘TARKA’, one of the country’s biggest common carp, has come out of noted Shropshire big carp venue The Avenue at a massive 60 lb 8 oz.

The syndicate water that produced the colossal common carp produced controversial mirror Big Rig last year at a top weight of 71 lb 4 oz. That catch  wasn’t accepted as a British record as it had been stocked at a very high weigh after being hand-fed.

The monster common carp, which hit the 60 lb mark for the first time, was a PB for Luke Edwards.

It fell to a Mainline Yellow wafter fished on a D-rig over ten Spombs of mixed particles and Mainline Cell and Aniseed white boilies.

The 35-year-old business owner, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, said: “I have been a member since the lake opened at RH Fishery and a regular there for three years.

“Business and family commitments prevent me fishing quite as much as I would like but this was my third night since December.

“The Avenue is only about a ten minute drive from home so very convenient, but as it was very cold I wasn’t expecting a lot of action.

“I cast in at 2pm and had the fish about 8.30 the following morning. I had her last year when she went 56 lb 12 oz so she has packed on weight since then,” he added.

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