INNOVATIVE tackle firm Nash came up with a totally off the hook suggestion when launching a new range with a Staffordshire tackle shop – a huge graffiti mural.

Nash’s key accounts manager Matthew Downing wasn’t sure that Archline Angling of Cannock would go for it or even paint over it but it’s proved a hit.

Matthew said: ‘I’d been discussing with shop owner Vernon and store manager James the expansion of the range of our Terminal Tackle products within their store.

‘It was agreed that at the same time as the broadening of the range, some new point of sale signage would be put up in the shop to assist with sales.

‘Vernon and James both agreed something completely different and most likely never tried in the angling industry would have the desired effect.

‘The graffiti took our artist seven hours to paint, and although far from carpy in colouration, looked awesome when complete. I was dreading James’s phone call on the Monday morning, but fortunately Vernon loved it,’ he added.

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