OVER-ZEALOUS law enforcement officers have fined two teenagers for using sweetcorn.

A free fishing trip to a local river turned out to be very expensive for two teenagers after they were given an £80 fixed penalty litter notice for throwing sweetcorn into the river.

The boys had gone to the River Medway in the centre of Maidstone in Kent when they were approached by environment enforcement officers.

Andy Goodman, from the charity Carp After Combat, who is a neighbour of one of the boy’s grandfather, told Angler’s Mail: “The boys were just enjoying their fishing and throwing in sweetcorn as loose feed when they were approached by the officers who tried to issue them with fixed penalty notices.

“They refused to actually take them and the Police were called who then insisted the boys accepted the notices and also gave them a rap on the knuckles for wasting Police time!”

The River Medway in Maidstone.

Andy continued: “The fine is quite ridiculous and hundreds of thousands of anglers could be at risk of something similar if they were using any form of groundbait in an enforcement area.

“I would have thought the officers could have used a little more common sense and if there was any sweetcorn left lying on the ground they could have asked the boys to pick it up,” Andy told Angler’s Mail.

At the time of this story being written by Angler’s Mail no comment was available from the council on the matter.

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