JAMES BAKER has targeted his local river with simple tactics this season and has been rewarded with a venue record 17 lb barbel.

Sussex Ouse regular James took the giant barbel despite finding his favourite swim taken.

Brighton, East Sussex-based James explained: “Myself and a friend popped to a local stretch of the Sussex Ouse only to find our favoured swim occupied.

“After talking with the guys in there we knew it would be a difficult evening as only one bite had come all day.”

6th Sussex Ouse double of year

James told Angler’s Mail: “After a couple of hours and only one lost fish to my mate, the isotope on my rod tip rattled then slammed over in the dark.

“The fish stayed very deep and plodded around bending the rod double on several occasions. After five minutes it rolled over the net cord.

“We had a quick ‘high five’ after realising the shear size of it – and she went on the scales. The dial settled at 17 lb.

“Two lumps of Spam on a size 6 wide gape hook was her downfall fished with a 1 oz in-line flat pear, on 15 lb Maxima Chameleon to a 15 lb stripped back braided hooklink.

“This is my sixth double this year but this is the icing on the cake,” concluded James.

James’s fish takes the Sussex Ouse river record from a 16 lb 6 oz specimen taken by Jeremy Hulbert in March 2017.

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