OLIVER JOHNSON has been having a fantastic run of good river fish recently, his latest being this magnificent 1 lb 3 oz dace – the biggest reported to Angler’s Mail for some time.

The Clearwater Angling director, from Romsey, Hampshire, tackled his local River Test for the monster, which smashed his previous best of 1 lb 8 dr.

Oliver enthused: “The venue has huge potential for a record dace and last season I had several over 14 oz, including my previous best one.

“I had a few smaller dace as well the same day but struggled with a couple of pike in my swim, and eventually caught one of them, which weighed 18 lb 12 oz!”

His big dace fell to a lump of breadflake trotted under one of his own 8 g Clearwater chubber floats, with a size 14 hook.

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