DAVE BRICE decided to hit a stillwater rather than sluggish rivers and was glad he did...


Summer fishing catches don’t get much better than Dave’s bumper haul of crucian carp and tench… plus a 20 lb carp.

The 53-year-old from Coventry, West Midlands, took 12 specimen crucians including seven over 3 lb to 3 lb 5 oz plus 20 tench to 6 lb 8 oz.

Dave told Angler’s Mail: “I decided to head south for couple of days after crucians.

“After a lap of the lake I dropped into a swim and spodded out a pint of hemp and caster plus 500 g of groundbait with a sprinkling of micro pellet.

“I sat toasting in the sun I had my first bite the inevitable tench and after a few more the first crucian arrived with a cracker at 2 lb 15 oz.”

Spodding sparked summer fishing success

Dave continued: “Around 9pm I spodded out some more bait in preparation for the morning.

“Just as I was thinking of bringing the rods in and getting my head down for the night I had a jittery bite and another crucian was on its way to the net another stunner at 3 lb. Daybreak couldn’t come soon enough.

“I didn’t need the 4am alarm, I was up and ready and spodding some more bait out and the action was fast and furious from the off with a double hook up and a 3 lb 5 oz PB crucian.

“I kept the feed going in and lots more tench and crucians followed.

“For the first few hours it was almost impossible to get two rods in the water.

“I even had a 20 lb ish carp, that was too big for my weigh sling, landed on 5 lb line and a 16 hook.

“Most of the fish were caught on good old sweetcorn in conjunction with a Method feeder.

“By 11am I was hot and out of bait and heading for home. Summer fishing at its best!” concluded Dave.

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