ANGLERS will soon get the chance to target one of the most talked-about carp in the UK.

Venue boss Richard Wilby made headline news back in May with the capture of a simply stunning 48 lb 4 oz common carp.

Such captures are a rarity as there is very little mystery left in the modern carp circuit and Nash media manager Rich’s catch got the grapevine talking.

Apart from the stunning common the stock is relatively unknown but there are a couple of 40s plus numerous 30s.

Now the venue will be open to all. Prices vary greatly – from as little as £8 a day for a winter day ticket, through to £25 for normal 24-hour tickets on Airfield Lakes, and week bookings over on Spitfire Pool at £900 for a maximum of three anglers

For the full story, read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine, out December 14 for one week.

  • You can see a video of of Wilby’s whopper by visiting our YouTube channel – HERE