BARBEL ace Ian Timms had a catch of lifetime with this PB in a stunning brace as had this specimen of 15 lb 11 oz and added a 14 lb 5 oz beard from the middle reaches of the Hampshire Avon.

The 55-year-old civil servant from Worthing, West Sussex, baited a 3 ft deep swim, only a rod length out, with hemp and a few crushed Dynamite Source boilies. He then hair-rigged a 10mm boilie with a small PVA bag.

Ian said: “At 1pm the ‘pin screamed off and after a short tussle landed a 14 lb 5 oz fish, my biggest-ever Avon fish. I rebaited, leaving it to rest for a few hours and cast in again about 4pm. At 7.50pm the ‘pin screamed into life again and after a really strong battle – the fish weeding itself mid-river for a couple of minutes.”

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