EVERY angler’s dream is to discover an unfished pond... and James Thomson hit the jackpot when he stumbled across a three-acre Mr Crabtree-type water five minutes from his front door. He's since bagged up with many species.

Since his discovery, James has landed numerous specimen carp to 30 lb, rudd over 2 lb plus a bonus 20 lb-plus pike.

The 32-year-old operations administrator from near Lincoln explained: “The ownership of the water buried deep in the countryside remains a mystery!

“I pursued all the usual channels to gain permission and nobody knows anything about it, so I am taking the gamble until told otherwise!

“I have done about ten nights over six weeks, baiting the water every day with new Jason Hayward’s MPX boilies and have introduced about 15 kg in that time.

“The first night I wasn’t even sure if there was any carp in there, it was a total stab in the dark, but fishing the margins in about 18 feet of water on MPX Corkballers, I’ve had nine over 25 lb, my biggest going 30 lb 10 oz.”

2lb 7oz Rudd

Rudd and pike action too

James continued: “I witnessed the rudd feeding on the warmer evenings around my baited spots and being an all-rounder, and not an out and out carp man, I had to have a go.

“Fishing on the surface within one metre of the bank with freelined casters did the damage! I took five fish all over 1 lb 8 oz with two over 2 lb, the largest being a PB 2 lb 7 oz.

“The biggest rudd was grabbed under my rod tip by a big pike but I nursed the fish back and it went off strongly. So I just had to get back the next day with the predator gear and within five minutes of flicking a live roach out onto the same spot it was away.


“A PB pike of 21 lb 2 oz was soon in the net and it was clearly the same one that had the rudd the day before, easily identifiable by a spilt fin. Sweet revenge for that rudd!

“I am still dreaming of what may lurk in the depths of this wonderful place. I have seen big roach and perch and will explore their potential in the not too distant future.

“As for the carp… well let’s just say I haven’t had the big girls yet!”


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