HOW TO FISH has just been launched to try to help absolute beginners take up the sport.

How To Fish consists of a series of short one-minute films which will be easily available online.

The videos cover the very basics of angling from how to get a licence through to what type of rod to use for different aspects of the sport. Angler’s Mail is impressed.

The How To Fish project is a joint venture from the Angling Trust and Sport England. sponsored by the Environment Agency.

It’s part of the campaign to get young people into more sports generally, and follows on from the successful Get Fishing initiative.

The idea for the films was the brainchild of BT Sport TV presenter and twice World carp fishing champion Rob Hughes.

See a How To Fish video here…

Rob told Angler’s Mail: “I looked at the kind of material available on-line and in film and realised that it was all about improving your fishing, but virtually nothing about the very basics like how to attach a float and tie a hook to the line.

“Life has changed with children today often having no one around to help them learn the very basics of the sport, without which they might be deterred from giving it ago.

“These days families are often so busy and there aren’t always granddads and uncles around to show them the very basics.

“Hopefully these films fill that gap, and will cover all branches of the sport, game and sea as well as coarse fishing.

“Initially about 60 have gone up on the website but eventually there will be 120 in all that will be catalogued and easily accessible,” he added.

How To Fish delivers  basics – and will grow

Clive Copeland, head of participation at the Angling Trust said “Recruitment of new anglers is high on our agenda and our insight tells us that people want more information about the basics, such as where to go, how to do it and so on.

“Our ‘How to Fish’ campaign will help to address that issue and sits perfectly alongside our successful Get Fishing campaign.

“The aim is to provide information to absolute beginners, and even those that are interested but haven’t yet started, so that they can start their angling journey with confidence.”

“The campaign will continue to expand and evolve as the library increases in size. The basics such as setting up, casting, licensing and angling etiquette are covered.

“Fish I.D., knots, as well as tactics for improvers are in production, and the ultimate target is to have a comprehensive video ‘tips library’ that will cover most angling situations, problems and solutions,” he concluded.

For more, visit the Get Fishing website.

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