THE Force is strong with a new set of tackle by top world-wide manufacturers Zebco, as they have launched a range of Star Wars themed fishing gear.

Star Wars starter kits are designed to get children into angling and they include an R2D2 reel and rod.

The Spincast Combo includes a 5 ft 6 in glass lure rod with a Stainless Steel Pick-up Pin reel.

It can currently be bought on Amazon for £13.48 plus £9.24 UK delivery.

The Star Wars Spincast reel.

Caterham, Surrey-based Star Wars fan Bryn Petch, 11, said: “The tackle looks amazing.

“There’s a Light Sabre rod and I’d love one of those. The R2DT reel looks really cute.”

And Birmingham, West Midlands-based Eli Richards, seven, said: “Two of my favourite things, Star Wars and fishing.

“How cool would it be to fish with that? Does the rod have the Force to help catch the fish too?”

She’s hooked on Star Wars fishing gear in the USA.

A Zebco spokesman has advised that unfortunately as yet they are not licensed to sell the kits in Europe, only in the USA.

They hope they may be able to secure European rights in the future.

The Star Wars franchise itself was bought by Disney five years ago for a stonking $4 billion.

The total earnings of the films, merchandising and other sources is estimated to be over $30 billion since the early 1980s.

Top 10 tips for kids fishing sessions…

With the school summer holidays here, here are some top tips if you’re taking kids fishing soon.

These hints, by Angler’s Mail’s Richard Holroyd, a mad keen angler and father, will help make the session memorable. And there is no need for Star Wars tackle!

1. Bites aplenty

Fish waters that hold lots of fish and, therefore, produce plenty of bites. The last thing you want is to be sat behind rods on a rock-hard water waiting for a bite that may never happen, as they’ll be bored to tears.

2. Keep it simple

Keep rigs and tackle simple. A whip with a basic pole rig is a good starter, before moving onto short rods and small reels. There’s no need for the latest chod rig at this stage!

3. Keep it short

Aim to fish for two hours maximum. I often find that interest levels can drop, especially if bites dry up, so aim to fish for a few hours and treat any extra time as a bonus.

4. Size doesn’t matter

Don’t fish a water that has big fish as they will be massively unprepared to deal with them. A water that holds small fish gives them the opportunity to learn how to play, hold and unhook fish in a manageable way.

5. Don’t fish yourself

A whip is an ideal way to get kids into fishing.

Don’t expect to be fishing yourself, as you’ll need to devote your attention solely to them.

6. Let them make mistakes

Kids are going to make lots of mistakes but it’s all part of the learning process. Make light of any errors as fishing is supposed to be fun. The last thing you want to do is be critical, as they’ll soon start losing interest. Sit back, relax and wait until they ask for advice or for you to untangle the inevitable tangles!

7. Encouragement and fun

Give them lots of encouragement and share their joy when they catch fish. You’ll often find that you get more enjoyment watching them catch than when you catch fish yourself.

 8. Bring a picnic

Break up the fishing session and enjoy a picnic. A bit of food and drink, and a rest from fishing, can often reinvigorate their enthusiasm.

9. Take a catapult

Who needs games consoles when you’ve got a catapult! Get them firing out freebies, preferably around the float, and it’ll keep them entertained.

10. Seaside sport

If you are planning on a holiday or short break to the seaside, don’t forget to take a travel rod and a few bits of tackle. It can offer kids a couple of hours of entertainment and gives you a welcome break from helping them build sandcastles. Fish a quiet beach – trying to fish a populated beach with holidaymakers is a non-starter for obvious reasons.

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