GAVIN NEAL set a new venue record on St. John’s Pool with this superb 48 lb 4 oz fish called The Box Common. It's the biggest common caught so far at the Linear Fisheries' water in Oxfordshire.

Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire-based Gavin used a Blakes Baits strawberry boilie over a Spombed 5 Kg area at 80 yards.

St. Johns, an 18 acre former gravel pit, is one of the most famous day ticket waters in the country. And it’s one of the very best if you like big fish.

A majority of its carp are in excess of 20 lb with at least 40  in excess of 30lb. Many of these bigger fish have been caught at over 36 lb and at the right time of the year at least seven of them have been recorded in excess of 40 lb.


Linear say: “St. Johns, along with Manor Farm Lake for their sizes, could possibly be amongst the most prolific twenties and thirties day ticket waters in the country and with the carp in both lakes continuing to grow, Linear expect the waters to produce even bigger fish in the future.

“Linear is continuing a stocking policy on St. John’s that has seen 300 good size carp introduced over the last three years – the continuing plan is to introduce at least another 20 selected fish from their stock waters this year. ”

Catfish also feature at St. Johns, pike to over 20 lb have been caught recently, tench run to over 12 lb and bream of over 15 lb have been recorded.

Linear Fisheries’ day only fishing – (applying when gates are open: 8am-9pm March-Sept and 8am-6pm Oct-Feb) apply to all day tickets waters except Hunts Corner Lake and Pond. They are: 1 rod  £7; 2 rods £15; 3 rods £18. 24-hour tickets are 1 rod £9 (from April 1st 2016 £10; 2 rods £22 (from April 1st 2016 £22.50); 3 rods £28 (from April 1st 2016 £28.50).

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