HI-TECH military technology is coming to fishing with a new gadget to help anglers catch more fish at night - and many carp anglers are sure to be interested.

Night Cast has just been launched at £540 that allows anglers to scan the water no matter how dark it is.

The night vision monitor is primarily aimed at carp anglers but all specimen anglers could see the benefits if they are into after dark fishing.

Inventor Tom Glacken said: “It can be tripod mounted so scanning a lake at night is very easy but leaves hands free to cast or put bait in.

“It does not produce any visible light so does not disturb other anglers or give away where you are fishing to.

“I designed it whilst fishing a syndicate which is very snaggy with most fishing done to far bank overhangs which even when you’re clipped up was problematic.

“We have done a lot of testing and found that when people are clipped up at night the majority of the time they are not landing the cast where they think they are.”

Like fishing in the day – but at night

Tom told Angler’s Mail: “I use it for many things now and basically continue how I fish during the day at night. I can still see to put bait in by any method.

“You can scan at night to see where fish are topping and the unit also has 20x optical zoom so you can focus in on areas.

“You can also use it for summer surface fishing at night which can be incredibly good, and most anglers pack up when it goes dark but the fish are feeding most confidently.

“At this time of year it is dark for ages. You wouldn’t shut your eyes for 14 hours in the day time. And this allows you to fish those winter hours with daylight vision.

“Only last week I saw a fish top in an area I wasn’t expecting them to be, cast to it and had a 27 lb fully-scaled mirror,” added Essex-based Tom, who will be showing the product at the Brentwood and Carpin’-On shows in the new year.

Angler's Mail carp columnist Jamie Londors has been out using and catching with the aid of Night Cast.

Angler’s Mail carp columnist Jamie Londors has been out using and catching with the aid of Night Cast.

Night Cast comes with a mains charger and storage case, has an overall size of 185 x 185 x 125mm and the controls on it have been designed with night fishing in mind with large easy grip dials make it easy to set-up wearing gloves or with wet hands.

Angler’s Mail carp columnist Jamie Londors has used the device and thinks it is very useful.

Jamie revealed: “Using it is easy. I find it to be a big edge to be turning up in the dark and being able to get my rigs into position and bait over the top with no hassle.

“ I can then go to sleep at night with my confidence sky high knowing that I am fishing as good as I would be in day light.

“With long nights it is a winner for me because there will be people that don’t go fishing because it is dark but with this product it is like turning up in daylight,” added Jamie.

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