ALL-ROUNDER Alan McDonald had a real 'red letter day' on a Cambridgeshire gravel pit.

He topped an impressive catch of 13 specimen tench haul with this 10 lb 11 oz giant

The specimen tench haul came on the 56-year-old’s second tinca trip  of the season and he was using blockend feeders with red maggot.

“It was a warm sunny day with a light northerly breeze,” said Wisbech-based Alan.

“I Spombed out a carpet of red maggots and fished with fake and real maggots on a size 10 hook with a 10 lb mono hooklink.

“I caught steadily throughout the day and the results really exceeded my expectations.

“I was using three rods and at times sport was so hectic that I only had one rod out fishing.”

Late ‘ten’ tops specimen tench haul

Alan continued: “The ten-pounder was caught towards the end of the session and really fought hard weeding me a couple of times.

“I had to open the bail arm for a few minutes and then apply gently pressure and then happily she came to the net.

“I am a little superstitious and ended with 13 fish-so I suppose it was lucky 13 this time.

“The catch included three over 7 lb, four over 8 lb and three over 9 lb.”

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