SWITCHING from fishing for one species to one that's more likely to feed can make a big difference to a session now... as this catch proves.

Katerina Palios figured that as carp were spawning that other fish might not be, and the logic worked in her favour.

She had been happy bagging up at Derbyshire’s McGregors Pond before she ended the trip with this fantastic roach estimated at over 2 lb.

The 28-year-old carer feeder fished a red and white maggot cocktail with a size 16 hook and a 5 in 3.4 lb trace.

Chesterfield-based Katerina explained: “The majority of the carp were spawning so leaving them to it I went for some small fish action.

I had a few small skimmers, roach, rudd, perch, tench, even a carp of 11 lb which I was more than happy with, until I’d hit a bite and I thought ‘it’s not a big fish, but it’s a big small fish!’

“As it was approaching the net I realised what it was. “A huge roach!” I shouted with excitement.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t weigh it but it definitely would have been a PB for me,” added Katerina.

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