CONSISTENCY, despite challenging weather, was the key to the success in this year’s World Carp Classic. And Angler's Mail bring you the full report on the event here, with some video too...



Once again a changeable wind did nothing to stop the fabulously consistent Lake Bolsena from producing a host of fin-perfect specimens for the World Carp Classic.

Some 253 fish were weighed in with an average weight of 11.1Kgs (24.5 lb) totalling 2,819.10 Kg (6,215 lb) plus a new tournament record of 23.9 Kgs (52.7 lb) going to hard working Brit Terry Houghton of Spomb.

With the lead changing from day to day and hour to hour, there was no runaway winning team this year, until the final hours of the contest, and even then six teams were in contention.

Fish were being landed from all over the lake, with seven different sections represented in the top ten placings, keeping the betting on the winners in the balance right up to the final morning.

The winning team at the 2014 World Carp Classic.... very happy, and rightly so!

The winning team at the 2014 World Carp Classic…. very happy, and rightly so!


In the end the 2014 World Carp Classic trophy went to the Polish team of Andrzej Walczak, Gabriel Starzec and Krzysztof Charmuszko proved to be masters of the conditions after a week of building tension in the picturesque Italian countryside. The team managed to land fish on every day of the competition.

Drawing a peg in the Carp ‘R’ Us section in the south west corner of the lake they landed a total of 20 fish for a combined weight of 204.10Kgs (450.0lbs) beating a highly competitive Dutch trio, who landed 16 carp, by just 17 Kgs (37.5lbs).

Third to sixth places, featuring two teams from Belgium, one from the Netherlands and a Slovenian team were separated by only 0.80 Kgs (1.75 lbs) going into the last night of competition.

The emotional winners Andrzej Walczak, Gabriel Starzec and Krzysztof Charmuszko commented: “We just tried to be consistent, and knew we were in with a chance as fish were being reported from all over the lake, with a water like this, the wind changes can make all the difference, and once it swung round into our faces, we began to pick up fish regularly.”

The team fished in the Carp ‘R’ Us section in the south west of the of the 43 kilometre shoreline.  Using Sonik rods and Kryston lines and leaders, the trio fished a selection of hookbaits after baiting up with a concoction of particles, chopped boilies, pellets and groundbait.

“We never thought lead was enough, with so many other teams having a ‘never say die’ attitude, we just wanted to be consistent, even as the tournament ended we didn’t know the result and couldn’t until we got the official green light. We’re delighted to represent Poland and lift the trophy and would like to thank our team sponsors Carp ‘R’ Us and especially Dynamite who came to our rescue and made sure we got here,” they added.

Stunning Bolsena common carp put similes on many faces at the 2014 World Carp Classic.

Stunning Bolsena common carp put similes on many faces at the 2014 World Carp Classic…none more so than the winners, seen here with a brace.


Once again Dynamite, Europe’s biggest bait company were the Title Sponsor. Export Sales & Marketing Manager, Daryl Hodges said: “The World Carp Classic and Bolsena has truly produced the most fascinating, closest and exciting week of competition fishing in the 16 years of the event.

“It was always just too close to call. I am just delighted to be a title sponsor for the best that carp fishing can offer: fin-perfect beautiful big fish, great people and such picturesque surroundings. This event is just too good to be ignored, and we are thrilled to be a long-term partner in this exceptional tournament.

“The carp scene is Dynamite’s number one priority which is why we chose to work with Ross and his team and support this great event.”

World Carp Classic organiser Ross Honey - here interviewed during impressive filming activities - will be taking the event to a different venue next time.

World Carp Classic organiser Ross Honey – here interviewed during impressive filming activities – will be taking the event to back to France next time.

Ross Honey, founder of the event, said: “This has been a fantastic week in the history of the event. Even down to the astonishing thunderstorm, one competitor saw his rods broken by a tree falling on them after being struck by lightning!

“So, to say the conditions were changeable is a bit of an understatement. Despite that, this year’s event has been marked by one thing, and that is the really relaxed and friendly atmosphere amongst the competitors. It really is the most international angling event in the calendar, and I am really proud of what has been built over the last 16 years.

“As always, an event like this is down to a dedicated team who put in many, many hours of work. Along with the management team, volunteers, bailiffs and the townsfolk of Bolsena and the surrounding towns and villages, we also have to thank all of our principal, section and support sponsors, who make this event possible.

“Once again Lake Bolsena has produced  a massive haul of fish with over 250 of its sensational carp being weighed in. It is a fitting swansong for the venue, this being our last year here for a while, but I have no doubt we will be back. I would like to pay tribute to the residents and local community who have been tireless in their efforts to welcome us and all of the competitors to this beautiful area of Italy.

“Next year sees a change of country, venue and format. The 2015 World Carp Classic will be returning to what many see as its spiritual home, Lac Medine in France. Reaction to this news has been nothing short of incredible with teams already entered for next year’s event than ever before. So my advice is not to wait, but get your entries in early!

“We look forward to seeing all of our competitors, sponsors and audience again at next year’s even bigger and even better event.”


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