OUR judges are about to decide which angler will the title of Fox Specimen Cup champion for his or her catches during 2010.

The stunning cup is held by fireman and part-time rod maker Phil Morton, who also pocketed £3,000 for his big win fully 12 months ago.

Some of this year’s contenders have also scored with big fish of several species, from rivers and stillwaters. Others have had just one or two super specimens.

There can only be one winner, joining some of angling’s most famous names on the list of winners. But there are still four runners-up prizes of £250 as a consolation.

Among the judges of this year’s event are Fox deputy chairman and former Mail columnist Andy Little.

And as we head into 2011 the Mail and Fox have just agreed some exciting changes for the Fox Specimen Cup competition – to be revealed in next week’s magazine, out Tuesday, January 11 in the shops. More of you will stand a chance of winning – and there are extra prizes too!

For the run down on the main 12 contenders, check out this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine to read about their amazing specimen fish like this 20 lb-plus River Severn zander. The winner will be announced in our January 18 issue.