HERE are the TEN winners and TEN runners up in our exclusive Shimano competition in our August 3 magazine.

Winners (Shimano Vengeance Barbel Classic Rod and Baitrunner 5000RE reel combo)

NAME                     TOWN

Tony Watts                            Yaxley
S Utton                            Greenhithe
David Compton                   Leigh
Steve O’Brian                  Stevenage
Andrew Dearden                  Denaby Main
Tony Hassam                   Bourne
Andrew Giddings                  London
Robyn Hickman                  Henley-On-Thames
Jim Frampton                   Bexleyheath
Scott Mansley                   Rochdale

Runners-up (a 20 metre spool of 15 lb Sufix Herculine Heavy Gravel braid)

NAME                     TOWN

Martin Davies                   Shrewsbury
Leonard Task                   Dagenham
Nigel Shaw                            Hull
David Parks                           Wickford
Harry Law                            Harlow
Daniel Tait                            Not Given
Robin Willcock                   Pontefract
Sandra Jones                   Norwich
Andrew Kendhammer         Banbury
A Worley                            Richmond