THE second biggest grass carp in the country has come out at a stonking 51 lb 10 oz on floaters.

Horton Church Lake regular Dave Levy spotted some fish on the surface and decided to give them a go at the Berkshire syndicate complex.

The Wickford, Essex-based process operator explained: “As the morning passed it got extremely warm and I started feeding a few floaters to the fish I spotted which looked about 20 lb.

“I could tell it was a grassie by the rather pointed mouth. Every mixer was taken except the hook bait and when it finally went for that I struck hard and kept its head up out of the weed.

“When I saw it I really couldn’t believe the size and it really was a beautiful fish. I believe it is the same fish that once held the British record until the committee decided to abolish the category,” said Dave.

Three mega grass carp in Horton

Dave continued: “This is the biggest of three massive grass carp in the lake but they rarely come out. It was particularly welcome as I had three blank sessions in a row in the hot weather.

“It is my biggest ever fish ever beating my PB 50 lb 10 oz mirror, and previous best grassie of 30 lb, and the next morning I also managed to notch a 41 lb mirror.

“It has been a good year for me as I have fished Horton one night a week since April and the mirror was my seventh different 40 lb plus carp this year, whereas other more regular members have struggled,” he added.

The 43-year-old used a Korda controller with 4 foot trace of Kruiser Surface line to a size 8 Mixa hook with hair-rigged Enterprise plastic mixer bait.

Earlier this summer, Drennan-sponsored Martin Bowler landed an unofficial grass carp record at 52 lb 10 oz, which came as part of six fish catch, all weighing over 37 lb. Grass carp – and catfish -were taken off the record list over a decade ago as they are non-native.

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