A RAMPAGING seal has been decimating fish stocks on the River Severn around Worcester – nearly 100 miles from the sea!

The mammal – thought to be a common seal that grows to over 6 ft long and weighing 290 lb – has been entertaining many anglers even if it has meant poor sport.

Local Angler’s Mail reader Paul Archer was shocked when he saw it while fishing at Diglis Weir.

Paul said: ‘As if cormorants, goosanders and otters aren’t enough to contend with, there is now a seal!

‘I had just started fishing this morning when I heard a snort just downstream from me, I looked, and nearly fell off my chair when I saw a seal bobbing up and down in the water!

‘It caught several good sized barbel, a salmon, a zander and a lot of other fish during the course of the day ­ I managed three small barbel, which I suppose wasn’t bad considering the competition!

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