YOU can make a big difference to the quality of fishing on your local river – and there’s advice in Angler’s Mail magazine (cover dated July 14-20, 2015).


Dr Mark Everard, an associate professor of Ecosystem Services, explains in the magazine how habitat matters and outlines some of the practical steps anglers can take to improve matters.

He’s just published the book, above, entitled River Habitats for Coarse Fish – How Fish Use Rivers and How We Can Help Them. It’s a fascinating source of information.

And Mark, a top specialist roach angler, also recommends that anyone with an interest in having better rivers checks out the following links:

Angling Trust and Fish Legal

The Rivers Trust

The Barbel Society

The Avon Roach Project

The Freshwater Biological Association

The Institute of Fisheries Management

The River Restoration Centre

The Wild Trout Trust

The Salmon and Trout Association

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust