BIG fish ace Tony Gibson thinks this tench is like a red London double-decker bus as he caught it three times in quick succession.

The former Angler’s Mail Specimen Cup champion made acquaintances with the tinca weighing in twice at 10 lb 3 oz in one trip only to catch it again at 9 lb 15 oz on the following session.

The unusual hat-trick came at popular complex Bluebell Lakes in Northamptonshire.

Tony, 51, from Northampton said: “Having seen some decent tench rolling close in on a couple of previous carping sessions I decided to spread my efforts on my next visit. As well as fishing for the carp I devoted a couple of rods to fish close in for the tench to try and discover how big they were.

“The following day I had a 10 lb 3 oz fish at midday on the warmest day of the year on the feeder rod.

“The next day I spotted what looked like a good-sized tench roll in a spot near the top of the first drop-off in only about 3 ft of water. I moved a rod onto the spot using a small snail from the tin on the hair tipped with a piece of plastic corn, with a few handfuls of hemp and snails introduced as loosefeed on top of the hookbait.

“A few hours later the new spot produced a bite that turned out to be the same 10 lb 3 oz tench as the day before!

“The next session in a different swim, but the first fish was another repeat of the big tench from the previous session, but a little down in weight at 9 lb 15 oz.”

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