KEITH IBBOTSON had an amazing run of big pike, landing four 20s in just three-and-a-half hours – and from a standard coarse lake!


The 44-year-old gardener, from Scarborough, tackled an undisclosed day ticket water in North Yorkshire for a new personal best of 26 lb 8 oz, plus others of 24 lb 8 oz, 22 lb 8 oz and 21 lb 14 oz in the hectic feeding spell. He finished the day off with one of 9 lb 14 oz to take his combined weight to over 100 lb – 105 lb 4 oz to be exact.

He revealed: “I only just got back into fishing about a month ago after and 11-year break and had already broken my personal best with a fish of 24 lb 8 oz a couple of weeks ago, which I then caught again as part of this catch.

“It was quite a bright day but that didn’t seem to put the pike off as the action started mid-morning, with my last fish during that spell being the big one at around 12.30pm. They all fell to trout livebaits which are sold onsite

“After all those fish I only had one bait left and I really wanted to break the 100 lb barrier, so I saved it until late afternoon. When I cast it out at 4pm I didn’t even have time to get the indicator on before the smallest one of the day took it.

“Every fish I caught came to one rod that was fished to a drop-off about 25 yards or so out, and they all fought really well, trying to get down into the deeper water.

“I knew most of the fish were good ones from the way they were fighting, but I didn’t realise just how big the 26 was until was lifted the net out and saw it was my second PB in a month!” he enthused.

Trout livebaits legered on size 6 semi-barbed Eagle Claw trebles to 28 lb Drennan 7-Strand wire traces and 40 lb braided main line did the trick for Keith.

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