THE Angling Trust has praised the Environment Agency for publication of new reports explaining how freshwater anglers’ rod licences are spent regionally and nationally.
Trust chief executive Mark Lloyd said: ‘The Trust, on behalf of all anglers, asked the Agency for these reports and we think that this new, detailed information will help anglers understand about how their money is spent.
‘We congratulate the reports’ authors on producing such clear and detailed information. Buying a rod licence is not just important to comply with the law, it’s important for the future of our fisheries.’
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How the £34.2 million 2009-10 EA fisheries budget was spent

Improvements                     £7 m

Promotion and advice    £4.7 m

Enforcement                         £4.3 m

Licence checks                     £2 m

Fish kills                                 £2 m

Monitoring                            £1.8 m

Regulation                             £0.8 m

Coarse and trout fisheries improvement projects in 2009/10

Region Number of fisheries & habitat improvements planned Number of fisheries & habitat improvements completed
Anglian 22 24
Midlands 21 35
North East 15 17
North West 39 58
Southern 22 22
South West 24 40
Thames 14 23
EA Wales 22 22
Total 179 241

In addition to the above, we built 37 fish passes that opened up in excess of 900km of river to fish species.