ANGLER’S MAIL can confirm Robson Green’s just-finished fifth series of Extreme Fishing on the UK’s Channel 5 held its own regarding viewing figures.

The Geordie actor held a five percent market share of viewers, peaking with 6.1 per cent on the penultimate show… on June 16!

Industry expert and keen angler Andy Beddingfield, trading director of Maxus, a global communication consultancy, revealed: ‘Astonishingly we are now into the fifth series of this programme. In terms of the audience it remains at around 1.1m-1.3m with a share of total viewing (including BBC channels) at five percent-ish which has remained constant throughout the last three years of the series.

‘To me, that is testament that he can hold an audience and the varied locations and content have maintained interest amongst anglers and non-anglers alike.’

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