If caught one of these, you'd be laughing! Robson Green, whose new series is on Channel 5.

ROBSON GREEN – arguably the busiest man on TV these days – is back fishing again, with a brand new six-part series for Channel 5.

Angler’s Mail hears that he’s upped the ante this time in searching for the World’s most formidable fishing. So expect some special locations for the latest run, with the rather long title, Extreme Fishing With Robson Green At The Ends Of The Earth.

According to the C5 publicity machine, the Geordie actor: ‘goes where the guide books don’t, to discover how people in some of the remotest spots on the planet land their daily catch.

‘From a tiny island in the mid-Atlantic to the wastelands of eastern Russia via the Argentinean wilderness, Robson hooks up with some of the most isolated fishermen, catching the most amazing fish.’

Robson has quickly become a “love him or hate him” character to the UK angling community, with a vast majority on the Angler’s Mail Facebook site finding him a turn-off.

It remains to be seen what the reaction will be to the latest episodes with start on Ascension Island, then on to Patagonia. You’ll have to watch and see. And why not see what people are saying on our Facebook!

Addressing his 11,000 army of Extreme Fishing followers on Twitter, Robson posted: ‘New Series of XFishing starts on Ascension Island, on to Patagonia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Siberia & Argentina. Pure entertainment!’

And after a busy promo schedule this week, on the eve of the first programme being broadcast, he added: ‘Ok that’s the promotion out of the way. I’ve invited you all to tonight’s party that is Extreme Fishing 9pm CH5 …Enjoy!!’

. The new series is on Channel 5 – Thursdays (starting May 12) at 9pm and Sundays (starting May 15) at 12.30pm. For updates on Robson Green, and ALL the biggest angling news, be sure to read Angler’s Mail magazine every week.