TROUT anglers love to 'match the hatch' with their choice of fly, but a coarse angler proved how deadly the approach can be.

Robbie Northman ‘matched the hatch’ to take this stunning 7 lb 1 oz predatory chub.

The 28-year-old  is a lure fishing ace, and Angler’s Mail magazine readers will be aware of him mainly through John Bailey’s insightful columns.

Robbie knew the wily big chub were feasting on minnows so used a lure to exactly mimic a spawning red male tiddler.

Bar manager Robbie, from Norwich, Norfolk, said: “It’s been a fantastic start to the 2019 river season.

“Early on I observed large numbers of spawning minnows on the River Wensum and figured the chub wouldn’t be far behind.

“I chose the Savage Gear Goby Crank lure in UV black and red as it closely resembles the colour of these beautiful little fish.

“Minnows are a rich natural food source for predatory fish when they group in the thousands to breed.

“Big chub in particular love to hide under cover waiting to pick of stragglers from the shoal.”

Robbie Northman's lure matched a male minnow.

Robbie Northman’s lure matched a male minnow.

Roving approach of Robbie Northman

Robbie continued: “I searched a couple of swims picking off fish to low 4 lb when a fast flowing area caught my eye.

“Forcing my way through dense brush I found a good casting line and presented my lure upstream cranking it back with flicks of the rod.

“Suddenly the tip hunched around and the fish was hooked ploughing steadily upstream.

“After a powerful fight I thought I was certain to net my prize when it bolted off using the fast current to escape downstream.

“Luckily I turned the fish and steered it up the slack to the net an absolute beauty at 7 lb 1 oz, my best so far this season,” concluded Robbie.

The jumbo chub was not quite a PB for Robbie. That’s stands at  7 lb 2 oz. His many fine catches also include perch to 3 lb 15 oz and pike to 31 lb.

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