THE Avon Roach Project has stocked thousands more redfins following their annual harvesting of stocks in their fish farms.

Avon Roach Project co-founder Trevor Harrop (pictured above) said: “This year we made five deposits – some to the main river and some into protected side streams.

“We are also continuing to get increasing numbers of reports of multiple catches of roach from throughout the river with many up to a dozen fish in a session, with folks telling us how they are once again enjoying their roach fishing on the Hampshire Avon.”

As Angler’s Mail has reported, techniques developed by the Avon Roach Project are now helping the Environment Agency replenish dwindling river stocks.

The EA’s Anglian Region were the first to tap into the expertise of the Hampshire-based group in their attempts to restock Norfolk’s River Wensum using the same techniques from the Hampshire Avon.

Roach stocks are improving in the rivers where the Avon Roach Project’s techniques are being deployed.

The Avon Roach Project was created in 2004 by Trevor Harrop and Budgie who were determined to do something to turn things around after decades of decline.

The Avon Roach Project is now being used as a role model by projects on a number of other rivers and now the EA are taping into their knowledge.

Trevor revealed venues from as far afield as Berkshire’s River Kennet, Bristol Avon, Great Ouse, the mighty Severn and the Taff in Wales have been using the methods they pioneered.

Artificial spawning stations are placed in the river, then the eggs are collected and grown

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