ROACH don't get much better looking that this! Kevin Palmer notched this 2 lb 11 oz redfin to set a new PB - and get himself on the front page of the must-read Angler’s Mail print magazine.

The 37-year-old tempted the giant roach from Hampshire’s River Test… after a lovely day of grayling fishing.

Swindon-based Kevin explained: “After the day trotting for grayling, I decided that I was going to set up a maggot feeder and spend the last hour in a swim that looked good for a roach.

“I was using a size 18 hook with a single red maggot to a 2 lb hooklength, fished to a steady inside run, and had a classic roach bite.

“I connected to what I immediately knew was a large roach.

“After a heart-stopping fight I finally pulled her over the net with a great big yelp of joy,” concluded Kevin.

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