PAUL CHIVERS thought he’d caught a roach of a lifetime from a tiny river with this 3 lb 12 oz specimen.


But Angler’s Mail is 99% sure that Paul’s fine  specimen is actually a rare 3 lb 12 oz roach-chub hybrid.

The big ‘chroach’ cross comes in a flurry of unusual captures in recent weeks – including another believed hybrid (first reported as a roach) and the UK’s first steelhead.

Paul’s big ‘un fell to trotted caster from the River Brue near Glastonbury in Somerset.

Roach identification expert Dr Mark Everard said: “It is a rare specimen, but it is most certainly not a roach. It is in fact a scarce roach/chub hybrid.”

The British roach record under the DNA-tested category is currently vacant at 3 lb 12 oz. The  record on the photographic evidence category stands at 4 lb 4 oz to Keith Berry at an Northern Ireland stillwater in 2006 – before DNA fish testing was an option. Read the full list here.

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