AROUND one million fish fry have been released into a noted coarse fishing river following the devastating fill kill back in March.

The Environment Agency believe a minimum of 100,000 prime fish died on  Lincolnshire’s River Witham …. but the figure could be much higher.

The first batch of tiny roach and bream is just the start of a campaign to get the river back to its former glory.

EA environment manager Simon Mitchell said: “The release of the larvae, reared by our own fish farm in Calverton marks an important step on the road to the river’s recovery.

“We take pollution incidents like this extremely seriously and will always seek to prosecute those who negligently damage our precious environment and wildlife.

“We have staff continuing to work on this pollution incident full-time, as the river progresses through the recovery phase.

“Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome and to ensure the River Witham recovers to benefit anglers and the wider community.

“We are aware of the source of the pollution and a company is assisting us in our investigations,” added Simon.

A small part of the big batch of fish fry get stocked into the River Witham.

A small part of the big batch of fish fry get stocked into the River Witham.

River Witham prospects much brighter

Local tackle dealer Rob Hardman of Short Ferry Angling in Fiskerton is hopeful for the future of the River Witham.

Rob told Angler’s Mail: “When the pollution struck it was the time of year when a lot of fish were coming upriver here to spawn which is above where the pollution struck at Bardney.

“At the moment there’s loads of fish up here including big carp and loads of roach topping.

“The EA get a lot of grief but it is good to know they are working on the problem.

“They came here at the start of this fish restocking and they said there’s more fish to come later in the year,” added Rob.

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