THIS giant chub could have been responsible for some crafty antics... but Jay Elliott landed it in the end!

A cagey River Trent chub twice stripped most of Jay’s boilie from his hair rig… but his third cast hit into the colossal 8 lb 2 oz specimen.

The 44-year-old, from Nottingham, who cares for his disabled son,  tempted the PB with a Vortex CKO cocoon boilie.

He told Angler’s Mail exactly how the mega River Trent chub came his way on a local stretch of the mighty waterway…

Jay explained: “I approached the river for 10 pm and it looked perfect for a bite.

“After a quick set up and new PVA bags prepared both rods were cast into position.

“Twice I had cagey bites and only a small portion of the hookbait was left.

“Third cast I sat eagerly awaiting another bite and the tip bounced and then curled over with line being peeled off the spool.

“I could instantly tell I was into a good fish, it gave that typical chub ‘thud, thud and run’ which repeated itself.”

“Totally stunned” by giant River Trent chub

Jay continued: “When I got my first sighting I immediately thought ‘is this a small carp?’ And when I peered over the net my heart nearly skipped a beat.

“This thing was huge, beyond my wildest dreams. Having caught same time last year at 7 lb 2 oz I knew instantly this was a bigger fish.

“When the needle on the Reuben Heaton scales went past the 8 lb and onto the first 2 oz increment I just froze in shock, totally stunned.

“I never thought in a lifetime of fishing I’d witness, never mind catch, such an incredible specimen chub.

“This had to be one of the finest sessions in my 34 years history in angling.

“I packed down slowly trying to process what I’d just witnessed absolutely dripping in sweat.

“Even the 25-minute drive home was a vivid memory as I relived the moment over and over in my mind.

“Words can’t describe what a moment like that means to an angler unless you’re actually faced with it.

“I was one extremely happy chappy,” added Jay, who used a 4 oz lead with a 3 ft trace to a size 8 hook.

His bonus was to star on the front cover of Angler’s Mail magazine – and be a weekly winner in our Richworth Fish of the Week.

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