KAAYLI WILLIAMS set himself a target of catching a 13 lb barbel before the Close Season and well and truly smashed it with this 17 lb 6 oz River Trent beast.

Newcastle upon Tyne-based Kaayli tempted it first cast of a 24-hour session to Nottinghamshire’s River Trent.

The 32-year-old chef explained: “It didn’t give me that classic barbel run but just a little nod that didn’t even set the alarm off.

“I struck into what I thought might be a little chub then immediately thought I was snagged as there was just a dead weight.

“But 30 seconds later my reel was being stripped and I knew there was something special on the end.

“Panic started to set in as I did not want to lose what felt like a fish of a lifetime.

“After run after run the fish eventually come to the surface and I knew instantly it was a lot bigger than my 13 lb target.

“The fish took a CC Moore Pacific Tuna boilie fished on a simple running lead set up and I added an 11 lb 13 oz barbel later that night,” concluded Kaayli.

Until this success on the River Trent he had a 12 lb 1 oz Swale beard as his old personal best.

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