DEAN ASTON and his pals haven’t heard of a bigger chub than this 7 lb 7 oz specimen from an undisclosed stretch of the mighty River Severn.

The 47-year-old decorator said: “I thought I’d have a few hours perch fishing on the Severn and used a light quivertip rod with 6 lb line, size 8 hook with couple of swan shots and a big lobworm.

“I baited my peg up with red maggots and waited.

“I didn’t wait long until the tip went round, the fish snagged me at first but got it out. The chub came to the top and I was in shock.

“It’s biggest chub I know reported and I’ve been fishing the Severn for years and this is biggest I know of.

“I’ve been speaking to the Severn lads and all said the same we think it’s a record for the river,” concluded the Wolverhampton, West Midlands-based National Anguilla Club member.

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