Richard Brookin didn’t fish for 12 years due to work commitments but has come back with a bang. And don't let this picture fool you - he's buzzing with joy!

Richard’s catches include this 10 lb 2 oz barbel from his local River Ribble – plus big roach, perch, pike and carp.

Preston, Lancashire-based Richard explained: “I restarted last year although wasn’t holding much confidence with so many stories of negativity such as fish poaching and pollution.

“I didn’t have anything in mind to target at first apart from barbel and after a number of failed attempts and a few small chub and roach to over 2 lb I landed my first river carp of around 6 lb.

“I then heard stories of bigger carp and was shown photos and decided to stick in for another which ended up seeing me land three carp to 22 lb 3 oz on a 10 mm Dynamite Source boilie.”

Switch of tactics on River Ribble

Richard continued: “I then decided to swap tactics to perch and pike fishing which saw me land pike to 45 inches (no scales!) and 26 perch over 2 lb to a very satisfying 3 lb 15 oz on a variety of small lures and livebaits.

“Then I heard a number of negative reports on the barbel and numerous people fishing all night and blanking so a mission to catch a barbel came into mind.

“I managed three short sessions to a maximum four hours which ended up seeing a total of five beautiful barbel including my first-ever River Ribble double at 10 lb 2 oz. It came on 14 mm Prosushi boilies and matching paste from Northern Bait Developments.

“Apologies for the grumpy-looking face at a moment where I was actually so happy!

“I cannot believe I have hit so many species specimen weight targets on a small stretch of river that so many people tend to ignore in favour of lakes,” concluded Richard.

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