RIVER MONSTERS star Jeremy Wade is getting wet for the new and penultimate eighth series on ITV – as all the six episodes were filmed in the sea.

River Monsters 8 is the second to last series, as Angler’s Mail revealed last month, as Jeremy has now completely stopped filming the massively popular world-wide show.

Season 9 is being shown in America now and in the UK next year but Jeremy wanted the show to go out on a high.

As the ITV network got ready to air Series 8, Jeremy admitted to Angler’s Mail: “I never expected the show to be as big as this.

“But this kind of show has a finite list of potential stories and fish species so it will be coming to an end.

“It has been extremely popular with anglers and non-anglers alike and there is a lot of young people watching it who have then got a desire to fish.

“We didn’t want to be scraping the barrel and I’m really pleased with the last two series which UK anglers haven’t sateen yet.”

River Monsters with Jeremy Wade is set at sea for the penultimate eighth series.

Jeremy continued: “River Monsters 8 is titled Mysteries Of The Ocean. And because all episodes are filmed in the sea it means we have better water clarity so I’m getting in amongst it a lot, as well as fishing with rod and line.

“The first episode has got a really special moment in it where we get close to a real monster of the deep.

“Even people who have seen the top-end wildlife documentaries in the sea won’t have seen anything like this.

“In another episode in Australia, the editor had to get his bleeping machine out for half an hour as I badly damaged my thumb while trying to control a big fish and then the hook popped out.

“We debated whether to leave the scene in but it shows a real moment of emotion and passion, and that’s we go fishing, and every angler will be able to relate to it.

“The final episode of the new series ends on June 16 th so it is a brilliant countdown to the new coarse fishing season.

“Although we’ve now stopped filming for River Monsters, there is an endless source of fascination fishing and what is under the water so we are thinking of what project will be next,” vowed Jeremy.

Inspiration? Jeremy Wade looks at a dragon like serpent statue in North Thailand.

The first 30 minute episode of River Monsters 8 will go out on the UK’s ITV channel on Friday, May 19, at 8pm.

Full hour long versions, which we know many Angler’s Mail fans prefer, are on ITV4 on Tuesday (8pm) and also on Saturday (11.55pm). 


Episode 1 – Deep Sea Demon

Jeremy Wade begins this latest series on the ITV network with an investigation into the legendary sea serpent… a mission that takes him from France to Thailand.

Episode 2 – Death Down Under

Six men died after their  plane crashed in the northern seas of Australia, with only a single severed leg left behind on a beach as evidence. Jeremy looks into possible culprits… leading to bizarre and dangerous creatures!

Episode 3 – Razorhead

Find out all about barracuda as Jeremy heads to Florida where an ocean kayaker was torn open by an attacker that leapt from the water, cracking her ribs and puncturing a lung.

Episode 4 – Deadly Superstitions Special

Jeremy revisits some of his previous adventures and investigates the spiritual and mythological events behind them.

Episode 5 – Terror in Paradise

Wade travels to the Bahamas after hearing stories of swimmers and divers disappearing with no evidence ever recovered. The disappearances are said to center around blue holes. A legendary monster called the lusca is blamed… an alleged giant said to be half shark, half octopus.

Episode 6 – Devil of the Deep

With multiple reports of a deep water serial killer in Mexico’s ‘Sea of Cortez’, he must step out of his comfort zone and into unchartered depths in search of the red devil.


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