TV STAR Jeremy Wade helped save the life of a stranded angler after finding him dying on an uninhabited island.

Jeremy  was filming for the next season of the hit ITV show River Monsters when he was involved in the dramatic rescue.

Temperatures had hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit when Jeremy and his camera crew spotted the sun-baked man stranded on the Sir Edward Pellew islands off Australia’s northern coast.

The castaway – identified only as Tremine – was severely dehydrated and confused with just a few hours to live.

‘He was pretty desperate’ says Jeremy Wade

Jeremy said: “This is a first for me. In all my travels to search for the rarest fish on the planet I have never before rescued someone stranded on a desert island.

“It’s a vivid reminder of how easily life can be snuffed out.

“Out here in the high Australian summer survival without water is limited to just two to three days.

“Somehow he had become separated from his boat two days ago and was stranded. He was pretty desperate and even climbed into the sea to try to reach us.

“He wouldn’t have survived much longer than another day,” he added.

Disorientated by heatstroke

River Monsters director Stephen Shearman, said: “We discovered him on his third morning on the island.

“He had come by boat but had gone off exploring and become disorientated by heatstroke.

“The man had said his last prayer and was preparing to die.”

All of the dramatic rescue was caught on camera and should be broadcast in the UK next year.

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