FORMER TV star John Wilson is now retired in Thailand and made full use of the good fishing out there with this 400 lb-plus giant freshwater sting ray.


Go Fishing legend John fished the Maeklong River, and at 72-year-old is said to be the oldest angler ever to catch one. And he landed it in only 25 minutes, which is an extremely short fight for the species.

Rick Humphreys of explained: “My friend and associate Tim Webb the owner of Palm Tree Lagoon, was joined by John Wilson for a few days fishing.

“John caught a selection of monster fish including giant siamese carp topped by a PB mekong catfish.

“John then accompanied Tim on a visit to the Maeklong River fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays.

“JW only landed one monster stingray in the shape of a 1.88 m wide River Monster. I would estimate it to weigh 190-200 kg.

“This was JW’s first GFS and a new PB for largest freshwater fish. JW beat the GFS in only 25 minutes which is extremely quick for a sting ray of this size.

“The sting ray was landed on a heavy duty stand up rod twinned with Okuma Makaira multiplier loaded with 200 lb line and 9/0 circle hook.

“JW at 72 is in my reckoning the oldest angler to have ever landed a giant freshwater sting ray which is a testament to his years of angling experience.

“John and Tim are now cooperating on a multi venue holiday package fishing at JW’s private lake in Chumpon, Palm Tree Lagoon in addition to the Maeklong River for GFS,” he concluded.

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