SCOTT HAMILTON has been having an amazing time on the River Lea, sharing his success with your No.1 fishing news source, Angler's Mail.

River Lea regular Scott has been putting in plenty of effort over the last year, finding fish, likely spots and pre-baiting. That’s on top of  just spending time by the water and learning.

After an afternoon session managing just one River Lea chub, the 40-year-old support analyst from Hertfordshire decided to bait the spot and return the next morning.

Scott explained: “When I arrived I checked the swim and could clearly see five or six barbel all around 5 lb.

“Watching them in the clear water I noticed they were spooking off my boilies.

“I changed over to pellet hookbait and within the hour hooked a powerful fish that was definitely double figures that I lost.

“After a lull, changing back to the boilies immediately bought me a bite that resulted in the 7 lb 7 oz chub (pictured above). It’s just 3 oz off my PB.

“This is now my fourth 7 lb plus fish from the River Lea this season, which is quite hard to comprehend,” he added.

But the success did not end there…

River Lea giant barbel after downpour

Scott continued: “After 24 hours of downpours I then went at first light back to the same spot that was now high, coloured and very pacey.

“I opted for pellet hookbaits and my first barbel came in just 30 minutes – 8 lb exactly and a new PB, beating my previous by over 3 lb.

“An hour and a half later and I connected to something all together more powerful.

“It took around 15 minutes to finally net the fish and only then did I see the sheer size of the whiskers.

“She went 14 lb 7 oz and is now my new PB,” he concluded.

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