AN OFFICIAL Parliamentary petition has been launched to totally abolish the river fishing Close Season as anglers are fed up with the lack of action from the Environment Agency.

As revealed in February, the EA have actually carried out a full river fishing Close Season review and said it would be unveiled in the spring.

But disgruntled river angler Colin Hills pre-empted its releases when he launched the Parliamentary petition.

It  has until October 26 to get 10,000 signatures required to mean the Government has to respond the petition.

Getting 100,000 signatures means it will considered for debate in Parliament.

Colin told Angler’s Mail: “I’ve never done anything like this before, but I have fished rivers for 36 years and have always been frustrated at this seriously outdated law, especially when they changed the law and let canals and commercials fish all year round.

“Through the years I have never seen a river bank as busy as a commercial fishery, and during winter months anglers on a river bank are virtually nil.

“This gives a natural rest to banks and fish, who we all know breed at different times anyway.

“I’m disabled now through a spinal disorder and I find the gap between the winter arriving and the start of the season to be a depressingly long countdown.

“Fishing for me personally is about six months of the year at the moment and I’m living for June 16th.

“Commercials for me just don’t have that achievement that catching decent fish on the river has.

“Plus I think we need to police the riverbanks all year round to stop poaching, help discoveries of pollution quicker, tackle shops may actually survive the winter months and hopefully year round fishing may assist more people getting into this amazing sport/ pastime.

“Rivers are huge bodies of water and I can’t see how fishing these can be more detrimental to the health of fish than those in commercials and canals.

“I hoping the somewhere down the line, common sense prevails and we can get down the rivers anytime of the year,” he added.

The Angling Trust were part of the EA river fishing Close Season review, but didn’t commit to any fixed stance on the current or future law.

Colin’s petition is at:

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