ANGLERS are up in arms after Thames Water dumped 500,000 tonnes of sewage into London’s showpiece river, the Thames.

In a week when official droughts were declared around the country, and anglers looked forward to the start of the river season, it was heavy rain into pathetically inadequate drains that sparked the carnage of tens of thousands of tidal Thames fish.

Thousands more fish were left gasping for air as oxygen was rapidly stripped from the water.

Species worst affected include bream, roach, dace, eels and flounder, with other aquatic life such as water shrimp also falling foul of the pollution.

The sewage was released into the river at low tide meaning the waste was carried upstream and then downstream again, leaving the affected area at around 1 km.

Around 200,000 tonnes of the sewage was released from the Mogden Sewage Treatment Works in Isleworth, South West London, with the remaining waste discharged from several combined sewer overflows.

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