THERE are brilliant prizes for the new season in Angler's Mail print magazine and its famous Fish of the Week contest... every week!

The opening of the full 2018/19 fishing coarse season sees a brand new Richworth Fish Of The Week competition.

Each week our magazine team selects a main Richworth winner who will receive a brilliant £100 box of quality bait.

To kick start the competition Richworth, the most historic boilie firm of all time, are giving away their brilliant S-Core 2 baits and the overall weekly winner gets a fantastic £100 goodie bag.

The first winner is pictured above and his full catch report appeared first in Angler’s Mail print magazine – the most interesting weekly read for anglers.

This time of year, pre and post spawning carp need extra nutrition, and S-Core 2 has what is required.

S-Core 2 is made with real freshwater shrimp, daphnia, krill meal and super food spirulina along with a unique amino acid formula which is ideal for warmer temperatures.


The boilies come in 15 and 20 mm sizes in both shelf-life and frozen versions at a bargain £9.99 for 1 kg.

Matching pop-up are £5.99 with a liquid Serum at £8.99 and S-core 2 pellets £4.99.

More with Fish of the Week!

Everyone on our Fish of the Week pages in the magazine also receives an exclusive  Fish Of The Week t-shirt.

An overall yearly winner will receive a huge £1,000 haul of Richworth bait plus a big annual trophy.

Richworth are back big time for 2018 and you can find out all about their products at their new website.

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