NOT many four-year-olds have even caught a fish, let alone one that would smash the British record like Anya Hunt has just done!

Anya, from Halesowen, West Midlands, was fishing with her dad Wilson for small roach and rudd when their session was interrupted by this monster of a three-spined stickleback that weighed in at 12 grams!

It smashes the record of 4 dr set by Dennis Flack back in 1998 at High Flyer Lake, Cambridgeshire, as the weight converts to more than 6.7 dr!

It was weighed on proper jewellery scales belonging to her mum who owns a jewellery business, which are likely to be far more accurate than most fishing scales!

Wilson explained: “We were fishing on a local lake – I’m not going to say exactly where as I fish it for other species! I’d already had a small stickleback and she’d had roach to about 6 oz, when she caught this on a single pinkie.

“I’ve never seen a stickleback before that was anywhere near that sort of size, it actually even looked big and the photos don’t really do it justice!”

The British Record Fish Committee recently published various ‘best catch lists’ – and it seems Anya’s catch could be eligible for inclusion, but not to become the actual British record.

British Record Fish Committee member Andy Nellist revealed: “To be able to claim a record you have to have an independent witness, and I can think of one or two well-known anglers who’ve forgotten to do that!

“Even if she didn’t have a witness and is unable to claim the record, we do also have a ‘notable fish’ list as well for catches we believe but which didn’t qualify for the record.”


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