MYSTERY surrounds this monster dace that would beat the existing 1 lb 5 oz 2 dr British record – IF it is genuine!

In one of the most bizarre emails ever sent to Angler’s Mail, a person claiming to be ‘Dace Master’ said he wanted zero publicity and wouldn’t be claiming a new record for this fish he or she says is 1 lb 6 oz.

The email said: “I just thought it would be nice to share this truly magnificent creature with your readers. A stunning beast, I think you will agree. Recently caught from a Nene tributary, trotting a natural bait.

“Using the matchbox for scale you can probably work out that the fish is approximately 25 cm long, 7 cm deep and was 4-5 cm wide. Please, do not contact me back as I will not reply. I just wanted to ensure that everyone who goes fishing can appreciate what a true leviathan this fish is. Thank you for your time.”

Dace expert Dr Mark Everard said: “It looks like a big female dace to me. I’d say it looks like a 1 lb-plus fish. No exceptional dace showed up from the Nene when I was writing my book Dace: The Prince of the Stream. But it is in the nature of exceptional fish to be exceptional and therefore to spring us surprises.”

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