TOP matchman Dave Harpin thought he had smashed the British crucian carp record with a 4 lb 14 oz monster from top commercial, Gold Valley.

But any record hopes were quickly dashed after crucian carp expert and author Peter Rolfe identified the specimen as a crucian and brown goldfish hybrid.

It’s not the end of the matter. Gold Valley supremo John Raison – father of England International Will – says it’s a crucian in his own opinion so WILL stand as a venue record.

For the full story and picture, read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine while Peter ID analysis is below.

Identification analysis from Peter Rolfe

Unfortunately it’s a typical trophy shot, with the dorsal fin not visible and poor definition on scales. However, from what I can see:

(a) lateral line count looks to be 30/31 (ie probably hybrid – goldfish would be 29, almost always; crucian would be 33, nearly always).

(b) dorsal looks to have the concave + convex shape typical of the goldfish or hybrid.

(c) pelvic fins pale, typical of hybrid.

(d) general shape of head/body not quite “right”, though that’s subjective, and the crucian is a variable species. It has a nice high back.

(e) can’t see any evidence of barbules, but the shot isn’t sharp enough to be sure.

(f) oblique count (front of dorsal to lat line) looks to be 7, which would be ok for crucian.

So, I’d conclude – on this evidence – that it is a crucian x goldfish hybrid.