A RECORD carp brace has fallen with giants going 61 lb 15 oz and 56 lb (below) caught on the same rod less than half an hour apart.

Roofer Ross Bevan caught his record carp brace when he shared a double swim at day ticket Holme Fen Fishery in Cambridgeshire. He was there with his boss, England carp team ace Wayne Mansford.

Ross’s 117 lb 15 oz record carp brace beats the old best set by Darren Belton at Berkshire’s Wellington Country Park in 2017. Darren landed fish of 58 lb 12 oz and 56 lb 14 oz for 115 lb 10 oz.

Ross, a 30-year-old from Windsor, Berkshire, said: “I drew fist choice of swim and decided on the Pump Hole and thought it only fair to invite Wayne to fish alongside as he paid for the trip, as well as being an expert.

“We agreed to fish the first half of the week in one position and then swap places for the second half.

The small fish in the record carp brace.

The small fish in the record carp brace.

Ross continued: “I started off the week with a 34 lb fish which beat my PB by a pound, and I would happily have settled for that.

“I had a take only two hours after our agreed swap of places and I couldn’t believe my luck in landing a 56 lb giant.

“I got wet landing the fish and I was drying off and both the carp and my rig were barely back in the water when another bite came to the same rod, and amazingly I was into an even bigger specimen which weighed 61 lb 15 oz.

“It was my first time at the fishery and I can’t believe how lucky I was to achieve such a brace which I doubt if I will ever beat,” added the angler known as ‘Chopsticks’ who also had two other 30s.

Ross fished Mainline Link wafters at 80 yards on a blow back rig and Spombed through 30 kg of chopped boilies and corn in the four day trip.

Holme Fen could produce a carp over the British record of 68 lb 1 oz this year as Captain Jack was caught last year at 68 lb 8 oz by Nigel Ludbrook.

An official record bid for Nigel’s catch was rejected as there was a dispute over the scales when the were officially checked afterwards.

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