SHORT session specialist Allan Jackson needed just ten minutes on the bank to break a river barbel record with an 18 lb stunner from the River Colne – using a rod he’d smashed on another big fish!

Allan has appeared on the Mail’s front cover with big carp caught to order on float gear for our cameras, and also made headlines with a stonking 7 lb 11 oz Grand Union Canal chub.

But he’s turned to mainly river fishing in recent years. Being a full-time carer, his session time is kept short, but he also admits to being a fidget!

“They call me The Stalker on the Colne. I’ve got no patience – I won’t give a bait much more than ten minutes in the water if I’ve not had a bite,” revealed Allan, 50, from South Oxhey, Hertfordshire.

His giant barbel, weighed carefully in a Tesco carrier bag, tipped the scales a tad over 18 lb, but he’s settled on the round figure. The same fish is one he recognized as having been caught at 16 lb 12 oz in the past, and Allan himself had it at 14 lb.

Ten minutes into session

“I had this fish from a swim that I’d not seen anyone fishing but it turns out a mate had lost something close in here that he was not sure he’d even have fitted in his net,” said Allan.

“I only actually fished for ten minutes and it put up a really good scrap. I had it on a little bit of Spam, and I generally go small as if I don’t get a barbel I might get a chub, and they can run big here,” added Allan, who recently repaired his 1.25 lb Prodigy rod after a breakage near the spigot, shortening it by fine inches.

He touch-legered the meat bait with a running link-leger rig, and a size 6 carp hook that he reckons was more like a traditional size 10, with 15 lb line to avoid losing fish in snags.

“I caught it in the morning and even that night I couldn’t get to sleep – I was still over excited!” added Allan.

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